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Snaptube APK is the best online video downloader with exciting new features! SnapTube Downloader helps you download MP4 videos and MP3 music.



This app supports 100+ multiple social media platforms. These platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and DailyMotion. Many people download videos. They watch these videos when they are not connected to the internet. Snaptube YouTube downloader & MP3 converter is a simple tool, and people use it to download YouTube videos according to their network connection. This app also allows you to choose the video quality and video formats before downloading them.


Various Websites Supported
Various Websites Supported
Convert Videos into MP3
Convert Videos into MP3
High-Quality Resolution
High-Quality Resolution
Free from Frustrating Ads
Free from Frustrating Ads
Fast download
Fast download

Free from Frustrating Ads

One of the most essential features of Snaptube APK is that it lacks ads. This video provides an excellent user experience, and you can watch unlimited video content without any issues. When you watch video content during this time, no ads show, and you can watch videos without any disturbance. You can watch their favorite videos and listen to their favorite songs offline without any ads.

Free from Frustrating Ads

Convert Videos into MP3

One outstanding feature of Snaptube is that you can download your favorite videos in MP3 versions. This app allows you to download songs, music, and videos into MP3 formats. If you are a music lover, download your favorite songs and music. You can also save these YouTube MP3s, converting videos into your mobile device. You can also convert MP3 vedios into MP4.

Convert Videos into MP3

High-Quality Resolution

Snaptube APK has many advanced features. It is impressive and downloads videos from 50+ platforms. TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others are available. This app allows you to download videos in HD- quality. Users can download videos from various platforms and enjoy all videos, songs, and audio without an internet connection. Snaptube Mod Apk also supports many video formats, from MP4 to MP3. Before downloading videos, you should select the resolution and formats. These video formats are 144p, 720p, and 1080p. Some high definitions are HD, 2K HD, and 4K HD. Audio formats are MP3 and M4A. It also allows you to download multiple videos in a single downloading click.

High-Quality Resolution


1 What should I do if my Snaptube is not working correctly?
  • If your snap tube is not working, then follow these steps,
  • Go to the app settings and force stop it.
  • Clear all cache and data.
  • If it does not work you need to uninstall the app. Then reinstall the latest version from this site.
2 How to download the Snaptube app on my PC?
Yes,  you can download it on your PC. But you want to use an Android emulator or Bluestack to download it.
3 Is Snaptube legal or illegal?
Yes, the Snaptube app download is legal and secure. But it is essential that you can download it from the Trustworthy website. Avoid downloading it from any Virus site.
4 Is Snaptube APK Download 2024 available on Playstore?
No, Snaptbe is developed by a third-party app. It is not available on the Google Play Store. You can download it from Google or our official website. 
5 What is the Best Online Video downloader?
Snaptub APK is the best online video downloader. This app supports 50+ online platforms to download videos.

What is Snaptube?

Snaptube APK was developed and published by China-based Mobiuspace, which has led to many apps on Google’s Play Store. This Snaptube app was created in November 20214. Mobiuspace is the party developer who developed this app, and it is not available on the Google Play Store. You can use it to download MP3 YouTube videos from YouTube and other social media platforms. You also download videos from Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. This app became popular quickly. It was developed in June 2020. Now it has reached 100 million users.

Features of SnapTube

Various Websites Supported

Snaptube supports multiple websites for downloading videos. You can download videos, music, and songs from your favorite apps. This Snaptube app supports Facebook, TikTok, and Vimeo. You can also use it on YouTube, SoundCloud, or any other website. Snap Tube is always there for you. This app is safe from different viruses and malware detections and also secures our data. 

Free Application

In this digital age, everything is very expensive, and people are worried about everything. For entertainment, they use social media and want to save or download videos. Many apps are available on the internet to download videos, but these are paid. Users want to download videos for free. We discovered one outstanding app named Snaptube for free to fulfill their need. It is entirely free of cost and has no charges.

The facility’s Dark Mode Option

The most crucial feature of Snaptube is the Dark Mode option for those who save their eyes from the light mode of their mobile and want to use it late at night. For those people, Snaptube also provides a great function that turns on the dark mode of your mobile device and allows you to watch videos and other mobile content late at night. With this method, their eyes can easily save from light and enjoy all mobile features, videos, and movies.

Safe and Secure Application

People download YouTube videos and other online platforms video without worrying about their safety and watch them when they are free.  There are many risky apps on the internet. These apps are always at risk and banned due to their risk issues. Users of the Snaptube app also say that it is a safe app for them. Snaptube provides us with safe and secure videos. These videos are safe from any viruses and malware threats. So, don’t worry and enjoy your movies, videos, songs, and dramas. 

Support 72+ Multi-Languages

Snaptube supports multiple languages. It does not matter where you live or what language you belong to. This app provides you with the ability to download videos in any language or religion. You can watch movies, music, films, and songs in any language. Just correct the setting and change the language in a single click. You can watch videos in these languages: English, Urdu, French, Telugu, Chinese, and Kannada.

Regular Updates

In this digital world, many videos, movies, films, and songs are uploaded to social media platforms. People want to watch this updated content daily. The Snaptube app is helpful for them, and they watch every type of content for free. It can also update all platforms regularly to make them work better and fix all problems. 

 Efficient Search Functionality

This app has an excellent option for efficient search functionality. You can easily find your favorite video content by searching for videos. You can see a series and a list of your video results. This search bar option is present at the top. Click on the video to download it to your Android gallery shortly. So, save your time; download this fantastic app.

Snaptube vs Other Download Apps

Snaptube is a popular app for downloading music and videos. There are other apps, each with special features. Here, we compare Snaptube with its alternatives.

Features Snaptube Vidmate Tubemate Videoder Savefrom
Device Compatibility Android Android Android Android Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
Platform Support 100+ 50+ 50+ 10+ 10+
Formats and Resolutions Up to 4k, MP4, M4A, and MP3 Up to 1080p, MP4, MP3 and Webm MP4 & MP3 Up to 4k, MP4, M4A, and MP3 Up to 720p, MP4, M4A, Opus, and Webm
Download Speed Ultra-Fast Average Average Slow Average
Batch Downloading Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Interface User-friendly, clean, and simple Streamlined with some sophisticated features A bit complicated User-friendly Simple and intuitive
Costs Free Free Free Free (Pro version available for $4.99) Free (Pro version available for $9.99/month)
Ads Less intrusive ads Ads present Ad-focused Ads present Occasional popup ads
Additional Features In-built browser, PIP player, WhatsApp status saver, phone cleaner, etc. Private files hiding Personalization of UI Minimize video Chrome extension
APK file size ~20 MB ~23 MB ~24 MB ~10 MB No app or software
Rating 4.8/5 4.6/5 4.5/5 4.4/5 4.5/5

All these apps are Snaptube, Vidmate, Tubemate, and other apps that are used to download videos and music. Snaptube has an easy interface to use. It offers a smooth downloading experience. Each app has its benefits, but many people prefer Snaptube. So, Download Snaptube now from our official site and enjoy millions of videos and songs from all your favorite platforms.

Main Key Features of Snaptube Download APP

There are some main features of Snaptube APK download, which are given below:

  • It allows you to download demanding videos in high quality( HD). You can download your videos in good resolutions and HD quality according to your video needs. These resolutions are such as 144p, 720p, and 1080p.
  • Dark mode options are available.
  • Dazzling interface
  • If you have little time and want to watch short videos, then the Snaptube app download is the best option. 
  • You can watch your desired videos without an internet connection. 
  • It can convert your video from MP3 to MP4. 
  • You can download videos from 50+ platforms like YouTube and Instagram. 
  • Watch both local and international videos and music without paying any fee.
  • You can also organize YouTube app videos into categories and tabs, such as For You, Music, Trending, and Channels.
  • Search videos or any other content using its search bar option. 
  • This app also allows users to download SnaptAPK APK videos automatically.
  • It is a secure and safe app allowing users to set a lottery number—security, McAfee, CM Security, etc.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2GB RAM
  • 8GB Internal Storage.
  • Android 5.0 or higher required


Snaptube is a smartphone app. It is used to download videos, songs, and music. This app supports 50+ social media platforms. These platforms are YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. It also supports 72+ languages of different countries. This app become popular and now 100+ million people use it. It has a straightforward interface, and beginners can easily understand this app. You can watch your videos online and offline and download them. You also download them in different HD resolutions and formats. Snaptube is safe, secure, and easy to use.